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Thank Your Constable - Felicitation to traffic officers and men International Guland Excellent Award-2008 Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana National Award-2008 Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini National Award-1999 Siddu S. Loute was invited for the benefit of the sourding villages and helped him financially to achieve his dream. Dr padma subramaniam , world famous Indian classical dancer along with B.jayashri (member of parliament ) & famous singer Mrs gayathri kannan , embraced our ashram with their visit on 15/april/2012 .
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Social Services
Proposed Abalashrama, A Home for Orphans
The trust looks forward to play greater role in helping young children in need of protection. The Trust proposes to spread its warmth in the field of social service now by establishing Abalashramas, the home for Orphans, a friendly home for the children in dire need. Abalashrama aims at providing basic needs and help for all-round development of the needy children, and also of those in distress. It would run on sound liberal and moral principles. Abalashrama will not be just a shelter, but a place of love, care and hope. The devoted house mothers monitor the development of the children.

Ashram for Widows and Physically Challenged Women
Every member of the society has the fullest right to lead a common life. Though we have advanced in many aspects, our social approach towards women remains unchanged, leading to imbalance in their livelihood. We decide to break this barrier and facilitate the widows and physically challenged women to lead and perform.

Education Society
Development is a never ending process, but it all starts with education. May it be self development or development of the mankind as a whole, education can create wonders. So, even a child leading abnormal days needs to educated with all the basic knowledge and strength to achieve ambitions.
School for blind Children Adopting Villages for Education Sliver Medal for distinction students, as a token of motivation Promote Female Education Notebook Distribution for Orphanage Children Scholarship Programs
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